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Knowing is for Living

Speaker: Keith Collins

New Members’ Class

New Members’ Class

Spring ’09

Week 1 by Keith Collins
Week 2 by Matt Mason
Week 3 by Peter Davidson
Week 4 by Peter Davidson
Week 5 by Keith Collins
Week 6 by Keith Collins

Newness Means New Abilities

Speaker: Keith Collins
Notes: Newness Means New Abilities

From Promise to Practice

Speaker: Peter Davidson
Notes: From Promise to Practice

The Incarnate Mission

Speaker: Matt Mason

Notes: The Incarnate Mission

The Pivot

Parenting in an i-World

Parenting in an i-World Conference 09

1. Keith Collins – “influence

2. Jeff Ehrhardt – “instruction

3. Matt Mason – “intention

4. Q&A time

Newness Means New Desires

Speaker: Keith Collins
Notes: Newness Means New Desires

Well Informed Walking

Speaker: Keith Collins
Notes: Well Informed Walking